Appointments are made solely for the tattooing appointment. I do not do consultations for sitting down and designing your tattoo with you. You will need to have your ideas already compiled and then presented to me. The appointment date and time you receive is for your tattoo and not to review a drawing or design.

You are contracting me as an artist based on my portfolio. If you love my finished tattoos, then you will love what I design for you as well. I do my style only and if you are looking for a style not represented in my portfolio, then I will not be a good fit for you as an artist.


I work in black and white only and do not do color tattoos.


Also I do not do cover-ups.

My tattooing rate is $200/hour and most tattoos take me under 4 hours. 90% of the tattoos on my instagram feed were finished in under 4 hours. 

++ ALL custom tattoos are a minimum of $200. Custom tattoos are any tattoo drawn specifically for you. Almost all of my tattoos are custom and the only tattoos that are not considered custom are handwriting or font tattoos.


If you are worried about the minimum, consider getting 2 separate smaller tattoos for you to meet the minimum. 2 people getting the same tattoo doesn't count as a new setup is needed.

I will not tattoo parts of the body that are unable to reflect the quality of my work, such as but not limited to; sides of fingers, inside lips, ears, rough skin on feet etc.. Also, white tattoos, not gonna happen. I do use white ink in my tattoos but only as a highlight.