***Any email received prior to or after my Booking Day will not be responded to. I only accept new appointments on a Booking Day. My next booking day will be: Spring 2021 (no exact date yet)


Follow me on Instagram @tys-wife for updates on booking days. They will be listed in my bio.


My schedule is limited and not all tattoo requests will be granted an appointment.


​It contains a lot of useful information and will most likely answer any questions you may have.

** All tattoos are by appointment only.

Face masks must be worn at all times.

No minor tattooing at this time.

Only the person who has a tattoo appointment is permitted to enter the shop.

No guests at this time. No group tattoos. We are monitored by both  the State of NJ and the Ocean County Health Department.

Please use the contact form on my website www.tyswifetattoos.com to request an appointment on the next Booking Day.

​Appointments are made solely for the tattooing appointment. I do not do consultations for sitting down and designing your tattoo with you. You will need to have your ideas already compiled and then presented to me. The appointment date and time you receive is for your tattoo and not to review a drawing or design.

You are contracting me as an artist based on my portfolio. If you love my finished tattoos, then you will love what I design for you as well. I do my style only and if you are looking for a style not represented in my portfolio, then I will not be a good fit for you as an artist.


*I work in black and white only and do not do color tattoos.

My work schedule is Wednesday - Saturday from 11am-7pm in the Manahawkin Shop.

​I work exclusively at the Manahawkin location and am not able to tattoo you in Tuckerton.

If you are looking at just getting a price on a tattoo, it's very difficult to estimate how much a tattoo costs even with knowing a lot of details.

There are so many factors that go into it, such as size, location, detail in the tattoo and even how well you sit for the tattoo.

Tattoos are not an item on a shelf and I will not have a final cost for you until the tattoo is finished.

Please do not ask me for an estimate for a tattoo. My tattooing rate is $150/hour and most tattoos take me under 4 hours with the exception of large scale pieces.

++ ALL custom tattoos are a minimum of $150. Custom tattoos are any tattoo drawn specifically for you. Almost all of my tattoos are custom and the only tattoos that are not considered custom are handwriting or font tattoos.

Our shop minimum is $75 because of the supply costs, I ONLY use top quality supplies and will never cut corners to cut costs. I want to do amazing tattoos that both you and I will be proud of.

I will not tattoo parts of the body that are unable to reflect the quality of my work, such as but not limited to; sides of fingers, inside lips, ears, rough skin on feet etc.. Also, white tattoos, not gonna happen. I do use white ink in my tattoos but only as a highlight.

Tattoos on feet are NOT guaranteed and any touch-up that may need to be done can be at the shop minimum price of $75 regardless of reason for touch-up.

Appointments require a $50 non-refundable deposit. I will send you a square invoice prior to putting you in my schedule.

Once the payment is made I will then add you to my schedule.

Your deposit does come off the price of the tattoo. It is a place holder for your appointment date.

Please make sure you are available the day and time of your appointment prior to making it.

If you don't show up to your tattoo or need to reschedule please do so within 48 hour of your appointment, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited regardless of your situation.

​Appointments will not be made through a 3rd person. If you are not the person who is getting tattooed, you should not be contacting me for anyone other than yourself.

No group tattoos at this time. Appointment times allow only the person getting the tattoo to enter the shop.

Drawings for tattoos are done the night before or the morning of your tattoo and only with an appointment and deposit.

Due to a heavy workload I don’t have the time to draw sketches. Your reference photos are basically the sketches because ultimately they will be drawn in my style anyway.

**If you contact me regarding a specific tattoo then change your design at a later date, your $50 deposit and appointment will be forfeited. Please make sure what you are contacting me about is the tattoo you truly want.

It takes me hours to draw for upcoming tattoos so please keep this in mind when contacting me for a tattoo. Make sure you are 100% sure of your tattoo design before scheduling an appointment for it.

​Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to enter the shop. Please arrange childcare prior to scheduling your tattoo appointment. If you arrive with your child, I will be unable to tattoo you and you
will forfeit your deposit.


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